New song: "daydream" by e:m

2016-11-06 12:29:43 by edgemeer

Slowing driving synthpop

a bad dream about bugs


2014-12-16 16:11:02 by edgemeer

Thanks for playing!

new songs!

2007-10-07 18:04:47 by edgemeer

song (for another day)
- originally a scanline song (edgemeer's techno side projet), long meandering techno song with ambient, detroit and a bit of chicago influences

fringe (demo)
- was to be a new edgemeer synthpop tune about a year or so ago. i wrote lyrics for it a few times and never cared for any of what i wrote (actually went thru two name changes because of the lyrics). the one time i tried singing what i thought were decent lyrics with it, i just didn't like the results. so, this ends up being an instrumental.

what i have learned today

2007-08-26 19:46:49 by edgemeer

never ever upload a classic ambient industrial noise tune at newgrounds :D

video game music FTW

2007-08-18 12:54:32 by edgemeer

it's weird: i upload, what i consider, a relatively old P.O.S. piece that is a remake of an old 8-bit classic game song and very short.... it gets great ratings. i upload my more "cirtically acclaimed" (i.e. most people know preferred these songs better than my few game mixes) EBM dance tunes (vocals, full production + considerable longer) and they struggle in ratings :)

1) people hate EBM now (it is an old music style - esp. my form of EBM is a bit dated)
2) people don't like long songs here
3) people have ADD (see #2)
4) i'm just complaining too much ;) (s'true!!)
5) people are just more attracted to video game or techno-like music here
6) there is no # 6
7) aliens
8) fish
[there is #9: it could all really suck, and nobody told me until now]

anyways, uploading another EBM/Industrial dance song here in a bit.... we'll see how well that goes. i have a techno tune i might try later. i could find my metroid "red brinstar" cover and see that fly high.

of course ratings aren't really all that it is cracked up to be. the only reason high ratings are desireable are because it gives you more visibility and more listens. therefore, more people share in your creation. i gave up trying to make a dime off of this stuff years ago, now i just want people to listen and enjoy and use (as long as credit is given)

(credits - music + lead vocals = rev. layle - lyrics + backup vocals = india)

great god allah
blessing in the sky
you are my purifier
towards the tower i fly

please vindicate me
of each and every crime
out of stupidity
i volunteer my time

bin laden called .. called to those
who wanted to help ... help the cause
i stepped forward eager ... eagerly
and america broke ... broke my last straw

kamikazi pilot
flying to meet my death
helping out my fellow man
america feel ... feel my wrath

i don't care
i don't really care

this is for allah
make those fuckers fry

giving up ... giving up my family
to insure my place ... my place in heaven
instigating worldwide ... worldwide havoc
on 2001, september 11

kamikazi pilot
saying my final goodbye
mom, dad, sweethart, i love you
watch the tv, watch me die

this is for allah
make those fuckers fry
killing men, women, and children
don't give a fuck if i die

i don't care
i don't really care

this is for allah
come with me and die
all you men, women, and children
come with me, through the sky

come with me to heaven....

edgemeer - overflow - credits and lyrics

2007-08-13 19:23:07 by edgemeer

(credits - music + lyrics + backup vocals = rev. layle - lyrics + lead vocals = india)

disable my nerve endings
rip out my inner core
perform an encephalectomy
abolish emotions foever more

giving up my humanity
would be a simple task
i'd give it over eagerly
all you have to do is ask

disable my system
reroute my core
emotional overflow

i want to be a robot
i want to be a machine
i want to be a cyborg
emotional eradicating

i'd rather be in slavery
to the master circuit
i want to be mostly metal
merely a human conduit

wouldn't have a family
nothing more to worry about
no more emotions swirling
making their nauseous route

disable my system
reroute my core
emotional overflow

i want to be a robot
i want to be a machine
i want to be a cyborg
emotional eradicating

transform into a robot
transform into a machine
transform into a cyborg
emotional eradicating

i want to be a robot
i want to be a machine
i want to be a cyborg
emotional eradicating

hooray for 8MB audio limits

2007-08-13 19:21:35 by edgemeer

just a week or so ago I was sort of "complaining" about it... now my dreams have come true. over the next several days, i'm uploading a lot of my songs from the "slowly crushing you" album.

music and stuff

2007-08-08 08:47:21 by edgemeer

this place seems like the last bastion of real underground, amateur, and new music in general. too bad, edgemeer's older songs are generally too long to use here. i might try finding the master copy of the songs and seeing if a vbr rate can get *some* under 4MB while *not* sacrificing a lot of sound quality.

either way, i have renoise running now, and going to start messing with that. i would use buzz (what i used for every song on "slowly crushing you"), but after being away from that program for a couple years and trying to use it again later, i realized how unstable and unsure using that program really is, and also found, i have very little patience for that.