video game music FTW

2007-08-18 12:54:32 by edgemeer

it's weird: i upload, what i consider, a relatively old P.O.S. piece that is a remake of an old 8-bit classic game song and very short.... it gets great ratings. i upload my more "cirtically acclaimed" (i.e. most people know preferred these songs better than my few game mixes) EBM dance tunes (vocals, full production + considerable longer) and they struggle in ratings :)

1) people hate EBM now (it is an old music style - esp. my form of EBM is a bit dated)
2) people don't like long songs here
3) people have ADD (see #2)
4) i'm just complaining too much ;) (s'true!!)
5) people are just more attracted to video game or techno-like music here
6) there is no # 6
7) aliens
8) fish
[there is #9: it could all really suck, and nobody told me until now]

anyways, uploading another EBM/Industrial dance song here in a bit.... we'll see how well that goes. i have a techno tune i might try later. i could find my metroid "red brinstar" cover and see that fly high.

of course ratings aren't really all that it is cracked up to be. the only reason high ratings are desireable are because it gives you more visibility and more listens. therefore, more people share in your creation. i gave up trying to make a dime off of this stuff years ago, now i just want people to listen and enjoy and use (as long as credit is given)


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